Why should you change to LED car park lighting today

Why should you change to LED car park lighting today

There are lots of incredible opportunities that come from using the right car park lights. A good idea is to opt for high quality LED lights. Not only are our energy saving LED lights inexpensive – about the same cost as a normal fluorescent fitting- they will last considerably longer.

By switching from old fluros to our LED underground car park lighting, you will make considerable inroads to reducing your businesses environmental impact and your energy expenses at the same time. The reason is simple, our LED lights run at up to 70% increased efficiency so you’ll see a massive reduction in costs from day one.

Is this a solution for the future?

Gone are the days when you had to opt for low quality car park lighting. With the right help, you will be able to get some amazing LED lights that can give you all the lighting you need, all while brightening your space in any way you want. Customizability is key here, Our lights can be specified at any level, from power use to lumens to colour and looks, a light isn’t just a light anymore it’s the future.

Get rid of maintenance

Our energy saving LEDs save you money everywhere. With up to 50,000 hours per fitting you’ll have light with no maintenance for years. No more fluorescent tube replacements or faulty starters. No lights out here and there or annoying flickering. LEDs promise you smooth, uninterrupted light. All of which reduces operation costs and improves customer experience.

Sustainable Business

All of this helps you reduce the dependence on the regular, fossil fuel energy. It’s a much better investment that will help you spend less money in the longer term. Investing in quality underground LED car park lighting is the future, and it will help you lower your environmental impact. It’s an incredible investment and one that keeps on giving for years to come.

By investing in our quality LEDs, you can save thousands of dollars every year and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Your business can renew its assets and save money all while making the right step towards cleaner operations. Make the change today, talk to Alectric about energy saving LEDs, today!

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