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Why LEDs

The light emitting diode (LED) produces considerably more light from the same amount of power than any other common light fitting and can often help create a smoother, more welcoming space. We already see them used on new vehicles, in the home and office and as decorative and torch lights. Now they have become an obvious choice for business too.

LEDs also offer substantially longer life hours than almost any other lighting fitting. LED light fittings offer substantially longer life hours than almost any other light fitting. This helps to reduce frequent lamp or tube replacement costs.

Both the reduced power and the extended life has a lot to do with the fact that LEDs do not produce a lot of heat when the are in use. This allows more energy to be converted into light and a lot less into unnecessary heat. Talk to one of us today about a cost free consultation.


Technical (but still interesting) stuff


This is a term of measurement for the actual amount of light produced. So, the light on your phone produces around 10 lumens of light and a standard household light can produce around 750 lumens; even our basic fluorescent tube replacement fitting can produce over 4000 lumens of light!


A measurement of the so called ‘temperature’, of the light. A warm, blonde light is said to be 3,500k while a cold blue light is said be 6,500k. This means we can choose which colour light suits the environment best.


Simply the amount of power used by any given electrical device. This in turn is measured as kWh’s by electricity meters. So if a microwave is 2000w it will draw around 2 kilowatts per hour it is used. Our average LED unit is 36watts.

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