About Us

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Who we are

The Alectric Company has its roots in sustainable and efficient energy. Having worked around the Pacific on larger scale renewable energy projects, we saw the need to help businesses take smaller steps towards reducing their environmental footprint.

While renewable, sustainable electricity is ideal in almost every aspect, it can represent large investment costs for many businesses and may not always be practical.

We want to show businesses that they can make measurable headway in reducing their use of fossil fuels while also lowering their operational costs.

What we do

ALECTRIC specialises in the supply and installation of energy efficient lighting. That’s it.

We offer complete renewal of your old fluorescent tube lights with the latest LED fittings or we can design and install a new system to suit your requirements.

We import all of our LED lighting products direct from the manufacturer, have them independently tested and then install them ourselves, cutting out the middle, saving you time and money.


Ready to save up to 60% on your lighting costs?

Fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch to help you save on your lighting costs, by making the switch to LEDs.