Energy-efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Commercial & Retail LED Supply & Installation

LED lighting is the way of the future – it’s safe, sustainable and it creates a light that’s much easier on the eyes.

ALECTRIC offers the complete solution to all your commercial, office, retail and industrial LED lighting needs. Not only can we advise on the best options for lighting your premises – we also offer supply and installation to meet all your requirements.

We offer complete renewal of your old fluorescent tube lights with the latest LED fittings or we can design and install a new system that suits you to a tee!

Reduce your environmental impact while creating a friendlier space. Changing from old fluorescent tubes to our new LED fittings can have many benefits.

We can typically reduce your buildings’ lighting energy use by 60% or more. Our cost efficient solutions are effective immediately, providing you with savings straight away.

Our solutions can be tailored to parking buildings and large covered areas, industrial warehouses & manufacturing plants, office spaces, sheds & garages and more.

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